Website Security

Depending who you listen to there are anywhere between 25,000 and 50,000 websites hacked every day, regardless who’s figures you believe, even Google themselves say it’s in the thousands, so there is a very high probability that people will try to hack into your website, particularly as it becomes more popular. Don’t worry though, our low monthly maintenance fee means that we make your site as secure as possible, monitor it for hacking attempts and in the unlikely event that someone does gain access we are able to repair or restore the site to it’s former glory.

Why Would Someone Want to Hack my website?

hacker image

If you see something like this on your homepage, you have been hacked

There are a number of reasons that somebody would hack your site, typically they either want to redirect your visitors somewhere else, want to install adverts for dubious products into the site, display their messages to your visitors, or to install code which will record a site visitors keystrokes in an attempt to gain log on details for bank accounts etc, of course there are also those who simply do it for “fun” or bragging rights, or to crate “zombie computers” which continue working for the hackers every time they are turned on.

What are the Implications?

Regardless of the reasons, the result for your business can be catastrophic with your site taken offline by your host or even Google and your website visitors, enquiries and sales abruptly stop. More likely though is that you just won’t even know it’s happened and the site will continue to display unwanted adverts or collect your visitors data for months, until the exploit is identified and prevented.

Is it Likely to Happen to me?

Unfortunately yes.  We monitor numerous sites and almost all of them suffer attacks at some point, in most cases the only sites which don’t experience any attacks are new ones with no significant visitor numbers, however as the website becomes more popular the attempts soon start up. In one instance we look after a particularly popular site and it typically experiences around 30-100 hacking attempts every day!

So What can be Done?

Fortunately a high proportion of attempts to gain access to a website are quite simple, taking advantage of common user names and passwords. The hackers have software which continually tries common user name and password combinations until it gets lucky, you would be amazed at how many people still use “admin” as the main log on name, and easy passwords such as “123456”, the company name or “qwerty” etc, by making sure you use a different user name and a unique password you can deflect a huge number of these attacks.

There are a number of other attacks which take advantage of vulnerabilities with server or website code and software in much the same way that they do with common software such as Microsoft, to prevent these we follow a rigorous process of preventing them from accessing certain parts of your site to stop them from gaining access, we also install the website attack page warningequivalent of anti virus software.

The Game of Cat and Mouse

Like Microsoft software, over time the hackers will develop new ways of gaining access, so we make sure any new patches are installed to prevent them taking advantage of vulnerabilities as they are discovered, we also monitor for unexpected changes to the code.In addition we keep abreast of the best products to prevent website exploits and will change it if something even more effective becomes available.

What if Something Does Happen?

In the unlikely event that your site is compromised, we can repair or implement a clean install from the backup. By reacting as soon as new patches and updates become available it dramatically reduces the chances of a problem occurring.

Secure Websites

At Jump Web Design we take every precaution to ensure that your site is not compromised in the first place, however if it is, we should be notified as soon as it happens and be in a position to take action.

Cleaning a website is by no means an easy process as often simply reinstalling from a backup isn’t enough, as this video from Google explains (it’s one in a whole series on the process of identification and removal of a vulnerability) although Jump Web Design customers don’t need to worry about this as should the worst happen, we take care of the whole process for you.