Social Media Integration

Many of us already use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any one of the many social networking platforms which are available to us already for personal purposes, be it sharing pictures, keeping in touch with friends and family or just organising a night out. But did you know Social Media can be good for business and your websites positions in the search engines?At Jump Web Design we can integrate social accounts, this makes it easy for people to Like or Tweet your pages, but we can also display your latest tweets embedded in your website.

Many people log in to their social accounts on a daily basis, a number of them before they even leave for work in the morning, although I suspect the majority of them do once they have arrived

Many businesses are already using Facebook and Twitter, but why?

They Can:

  • Improve Branding, if you are in business get your name out there in every possible way.
  • Attract new website visitors through social networking.
  • Easily update existing customers with new products and services being offered.
  • Respond to customers in the way they prefer to be contacted.
  • Easy to gain feedback so you can improve future products and services.
  • Quick way to release breaking news about your business.
  • Twitter and Facebook are Viral, so if you say something which becomes popular, your followers will promote your business for you.
  • Keep an eye on the competition, yes, just follow them they’ll tell you exactly what they are up to.