Standard Web Design Features

Our standard websites have a huge number of features already available to give your site a professional look and to encourage user interaction and enquiries including contact forms, site owner editable pages, a blog and unlimited colour options for text, headers, links and backgrounds. We can use your own images or source them on your behalf, you can even embed video, again either your own, or those already available on YouTube. All this in a responsive layout so it renders properly on computers, mobile ready websitestouch pads and smartphones.

All this and we can usually have the site up and running within a week of receiving any information we need from you, colour schemes, images, text and your logo, or if you don’t have one already we can even design that for you too, it can then be used for letterheads or any other promotional literature.

All web design work is completed with search engine optimisation firmly in mind, incorporating terms which you would like to be found for. We even set you up with your own account so you can log in and see how many visitors you’ve had, where they came from, which pages they looked at and how long they were on your website, and a whole lot more too.

We also are a little unique in that we don’t add a “tramp stamp” at the bottom of every page. The vast majority of web designers place a link to their website in the footer of every page on YOUR site, in most cases it’s embedded in such a way that you can’t remove it, this can be detrimental to the positions your website achieves in the search engines, but helps their own site to rank higher. We usually just add a subtle link to one page on our clients sites, but this can be removed too if you prefer.