Extra Website Features

When it comes to adding special functionality to websites beyond the standard contact and enquiry forms, counter and such, the most popular requirement is an online shop, depending on how large the shop will ultimately become determines how it should be built from the outset, find out more about our eCommerce and online shops here.

For member only areas on a website we can incorporate a membership system, not only does this provide a secure area on the site for information which you want exclusively available to your logged in members, but it also provides a convenient way of contacting them for marketing purposes.

Business Directories can add another dimension to a website, offering visitors a central resource for related organisations, complementary goods or service suppliers and even offer your visitors the opportunity to comment rate them.

Online Forums can also become very popular and they guarantee the people will continue to your site to participate in the forum, as the community grows and people post more questions and answers about your subject, they are steadily increasing the size of your website for you too.

Please note that extra features such as those mentioned here are likely to incur additional charges due to the time involved in implementing them, please get in touch for further information about any of our design services.