Jump Web Design is a Digital Studio based in Wiltshire

Responsive – Creative – Effective

Developing great websites isn’t about us, it isn’t even about our clients, it’s about their customers. A well designed, easily navigated website which steers a potential customer around the site delivering your key messages is what encourages a prospect to contact you and follow up to become a customer.

Many new businesses, the self employed and entrepreneurs simply don’t have the money to develop a website in addition to all the other costs associated with establishing a new business, that’s why Jump Web Design offers fully functional, professional websites, designed free of charge, and for a small monthly maintenance charge we manage all aspects of security, hosting and site maintenance for you too.

Jump Web Design have almost 10 years experience in developing effective websites which deliver results. Our long history (in internet terms) with digital marketing has enabled us to develop core techniques to make our clients online presence effective.

Customer service is key to our product offering and we are proud of the fast turn around times we consistently achieve, both in terms of getting our clients websites online in the fastest possible time, but also in responding to any queries about additional services such as site updates and email addresses.

Based out of our Wiltshire office, overheads are kept to a minimum enabling us to keep our prices way below the levels you would expect from the larger agencies. In fact, we are focused on a different market, we appreciate that small businesses and particularly start-ups may not be able to afford the time or financial investment required to launch a large website, often involving many hours and thousands of pounds. We make it easy for our clients by starting things off on a small yet professional level, some sites with as few as 5 pages initially, although around 10 is more common, which can easily be added to as your business grows and your product range or service offering expands.

Our flexible approach to web design allows our customers to take one of three approaches:

  1. Some like to set and forget, safe in the knowledge that we are constantly monitoring the site on their behalf
  2. Others like to email changes which we make on their behalf
  3. Most have their own access to the site so they can change text add pages and blog as often as they like

Why not get in touch to find out what we can offer and discover that great websites need not break the bank.