The Changing Face of the Internet

As technology progresses and fashions change, these both impacts how peoples websites are built and how they appear to people who find them. I remember hand building websites from scratch in hand coded html over 10 years ago and everyone wanted to fit as much as they could onto […]

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Beekeeping Website Design

Web Design for Beekeeper
An interesting project we were involved in some time back was for a beekeeper who wanted a beekeeping website designed. The website is called Honey Bee Hive.

The brief was initially quite vague, with no colour scheme or even idea about the pages which were to be […]

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Log In To Your Website

Logging into your Website
Sometimes clients access their website content so infrequently that they simply forget how to, other people forget their password details and some just loose them completely, this page will help you to log back in:

First go to your websites home page (if you aren’t even sure […]

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Scottish History Website

One of the first websites I ever worked on was about Scottish history. The Linlithgow  high street in West Lothian has a museum dedicated to the Stewart kings and their palace along with the supporting industries in the area which included tanning, mining and distilling. There is also a […]

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