SEO Friendly Websites

All our websites are SEO friendly.  By this we don’t mean that you get thousands of pounds of work as you would from an agency, all within the monthly fee, but what we do mean is that your website will not have many of the common issues which can often be caused by designers. Things which will do included are:

  • Single URL for accessing the home page

    site links in google

    These are site links appearing in a search for the word Google

  • No duplicate content created by the CMS
  • Numerous other technical checks before the site goes live
  • Titles and descriptuions targeted towards the page content
  • Advice on how to write and add content to the site
  • Search engine friendly navigation (helps you get site links on Google search)
  • Further advice on how to get your site up the rankings in Google, Bing and the other engines.

Of course, if you want a full seo campaign this can be quite expensive, especially if you have a brand new website in a competitive market, we recommend ECO SEO as a good local company, they can get results and are very cheap compared to the big agencies.  Like all things, if you are planning on finding an seo company, we would suggest doing your research and contacting a few companies to get a clear idea of the costs and the results you can expect to see.

What is SEO Though?

If you are already web savvy or have dealt with online marketing in some form in the past, read no further, this is just for those new to the whole concept of web design and seo.

Essentially your website is your online brochure, so a great design and content are paramount, that’s where we (or another web design agency) come in, creating the site, making it look good and reflecting your branding.  SEO however is something completely different. Your website may look great but if nobody can find it it’s going to serve little purpose. SEO is all about making sure that your website is appearing in the search listings in the major search engines, the higher up you are, the more clicks you’ll receive to your website, then if the content is relevant to what they are looking for, they may click your buy it now buttons, or pick the phone up and give you a call, manipulating this process is seo. There are numerous things which the search engines look at to determine who ranks where in their results pages, an seo keeps constant track of what they are to make sure your website has the very best chance of appearing there.