One of the first websites I ever worked on was about Scottish history. The Linlithgow  high street in West Lothian has a museum dedicated to the Stewart kings and their palace along with the supporting industries in the area which included tanning, linlithgow palacemining and distilling. There is also a small section dedicated to Scotty from Star Trek who was said to have been born here, albeit in much more recent times.

The building which houses the museum dates back to 1787 and during it’s time has been a priivate residence, police HQ, a military defense building,  library, council offices and finally became a museum. The building also has extensive gardens where fruit and vegetables were grown and views over the local of the binns


The area is steeped in history and attracts a great many visitors every year. The folly to the right is called the “House of the Binns” and is a dominant landmark.

The design project was actually something I helped someone else with and unfortunately the website no longer exists, although we initially had to design the entire thing from scratch, hand coded in html, back in the day when tables were commonly used instead of the “Div’s” which are a more recent way of coding. These days I tend to use a content management system, usually WordPress and occasionally Magento if people want full scale online shopping sites.

It seems somewhat ironic really that being in Wiltshire, one of the first web design projects I worked on was for a website in Scotland, especially seeing as most of them are around the Swindon area these days, or at least in Wiltshire and I don’t think I’ve done a project up in Scotland since.

Because it was quite a while ago, I don’t have any screenshots of the website, and even going to the wayback machine (a site which takes an image of lots of sites all around the internet and stores them in a freely accessible database) only shows the later posts from the blog which replaced the original html site but none of the design elements for some reason, see below.

web design not showing