Logging into your Website

Sometimes clients access their website content so infrequently that they simply forget how to, other people forget their password details and some just loose them completely, this page will help you to log back in:

First go to your websites home page (if you aren’t even sure what that is, it will be the bit after the @ symbol in your email addresses) yourwebsite.co.uk, then add /wp-admin/ at the end of the address in your browsers address bar (it will look like this yourdomain.com/wp-admin/)  hit the enter key or search button and you will see the log in screen with the following fields:

wordpress login

If you know your user name and password key them in and that’s it, you’re in!

If you have lost your password just click on the “lost your password” link below these fields, enter your email address, this will be the one we have set up for you at your own domain, and the system will email you a secure log in to reset it (we don’t know your password if you have changed it at any point so there is no point calling us, but the system will allow you to reset it).

If you have lost your use name and password you need to call or email us, we can delete the previous one and create a new one for you, the system will then automatically email the new details to you.