Web Design for Beekeeper

An interesting project we were involved in some time back was for a beekeeper who wanted a beekeeping website designed. The website is called Honey Bee Hive.

The brief was initially quite vague, with no colour scheme or even idea about the pages which were to be created. These kind of projects can be a little tricky because quite often the client does have an idea of what they want but doesn’t convey it clearly, so if we were to just jump straight in, we could be way off the mark and end up having to start again.

Logo Design

With this site we took a slightly unusual approach and put the site design itself on the back burner and focused on a logo design. The idea being that once we had the logo, the rest of the website could be developed around it, using the colours and feel of the logo, this certainly got the ball rolling. He wanted something fun which would appeal to younger beekeepers and the general public, as opposed to most of the other websites in the niche, which tend to be a bit stayed and old fashioned.beekeeping website logo

After some initial designs being sent back and forth, we settled on what I still think is an excellent design, very unique and certainly appealing to the target demographic. This logo just has the websites acronym of HBH with a cute manga style queen bee on top of it, as can be seen in the picture. Once we had this the rest of the web design started to fall into place.

Beekeeping Web Design

Whenever we start a new web design project there are a few standard things which we always advise people to stick to. Most people know, for example, that the logo is at the top left of a page and will take you back to the homepage if clicked. It’s also typical beekeeping website designto have a standard navigation system at the top right of the page, which includes the blog and “Contact” page at the furthest right. Then the address, copyright and privacy policy are at the bottom of a page, sticking to these standard conventions just makes it easier for people to navigate the site. After all I’m sure everyone has visited websites where you just can’t find what you’re looking for and given up and gone elsewhere instead.

Once we had the main structure of the site set up we could start adding the colours, this was relatively easy now because we new the theme and colours to use, a honeycomb background was the obvious choice.

We set up the first few pages and showed the site owner how to build more, which would be equally appealing to his visitors and the search engines, which he has continued to do very well and now has in the region of 200 pages.

Extra Site Featuresdirectory pages

A nice extra feature which we included is the Directory, he wanted a directory of honey producers, somewhere they can add and maintain their details which creates a database of suppliers around the country, so when people are looking for local honey they can find someone close by. This is outside of what is included in our normal web design service, but certainly well within the realms of capability, so for a small additional cost, we set up a directory where all the UK counties are listed and people can search it and add their details.

This website has now had over 80,000 visitors and appears very well in the search engines for numerous terms.

If you need a new website designed or have an existing site which needs an overhaul, please read about our free web design service or just get in touch, we can almost certainly help.